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Leaflet & Pamphlet Design

Aim to bring you the most effective and

affordable leaflet and pamphlet for product display or service introduction

The leaflet or pamphlet consists of several pages showing merchandise and pages focused on sales information. The basic layout remind the convenience of reader. The leaflet is designed in such a way that merchandise display or services from provider.

HOTLINE : (852) 3583 3186

E-MAIL : sales@amadavat-design.com

Amadavat Design Production

25/F, 20 Connaught Road West,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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Amadavat Design Production
Hotline: 3583 3186 | Email: sales@amadavat-design.com

We are a one-stop web & brochure design, graphic design and printing service company from Hong Kong. Our services are comprehensive, yet we never lose focus on providing professional and high quality solutions. Since our establishment, our web designers, graphic designers and consultants have successfully offered our consultation on design concepts, marketing strategies and enterprise resources planning to clients from different industries round the globe, and effectively helped them upgrade brand value, revamp corporate image, increase business volume, improve logistics efficiency and save unnecessary marketing and management costs. Our design services include web design: website design and production, Flash animation/game design, web application programming, web hosting, e-commerce (e-shop/online shopping) etc; graphic design: designing of leaflet/pamphlet/brochure, catalog, poster, newsletter, booklet, invitation card, greeting card, banner, envelope, letterhead, business card (name card), logo etc. To know more details, please click through our Design services.
Catalogue Graphic Design Portfolio Brochure Graphic Design Portfolio Poster Design Portfolio Amadavat平面跨媒體設計公司提供平面設計小冊子平面設計及製作公司簡介設計及製作網頁設計、 服務如下 印刷品設計/平面設計: 傳單設計(宣傳單張/公司簡介/產品資料) 刊物設計 小冊子設計 公司/組織刊物 雜誌/報紙廣告設計 邀請咭/請帖 賀卡(心意卡/聖誕卡/新年卡/利是封) 畫集 銷售配套 書籍製作 大標題橫額/橫幅 禮盒包裝 CMYK四色菲林印刷/CTP印刷建議和策劃 分色 打稿/輸出 (接受Adobe Illustrator AI,Photoshop PSD,JPG,TIFF) 公司形象設計: 標誌設計 產品標誌 咭片/名片設計 信封/信紙 會員咭 公司宣傳品 品牌設定 其他設計: 電腦動畫 電子賀咭 小遊戲 攝影(產品/食物/人像/公司/風景/室內/Studio攝影棚/其他場地) 網頁設計/多媒體: 網站設計 入門網站 Flash動畫設計 Flash Game 網上遊戲 電子賀卡 介面設計 圖示設計 電郵宣傳 網頁程式編寫 內容管理系統 Paypal/WorldPay/AsiaPay/PayDollar/Visa/Master/ecommerce電子商貿/eshop網上商店/購物/付款 Database/資料庫/數據庫建立 會員系統/登入 積分系統 網頁寄存 域名申請(香港/中國/其他國家/國際) Google/Yahoo搜索器註冊/宣傳 搜索器優化/最佳化(Search Engine Optimisation)

Welcome to Amadavat Our deliverables include but are not limited to:

Brochure Design and Location shooting - Corporate Identity | Brochure Design | Content Management Systems (CMS) | Brochure Graphic Design

Corporate Brochure Graphic Design - Brochures/Leaflets | Catalogues | Flyers | Posters | Newsletters & Reports | Invitation & Greeting Cards | Packaging & | Banners | Labels | Stickers

Identity Creation & Branding Build up - Logos | Letterheads & Envelopes | Business Cards | Custom Requests by clients

Brochure Graphic Design services - corporate brochure graphic design, catalogue graphic design, leaflet graphic design, advertisement graphic design, logo Design, identity design, printing - we provide the best design fit your needs. Services also include graphic design, leaflet graphic design, print graphic design, identity graphic design, logo graphic design, name card design, letterhead design, envelope design, printing etc. 一顆莓頁設計公司 - 平面設計, 傳單平面設計, 產品小冊子平面設計, 公司書冊平面設計, 公司書刊平面設計, 印刷品設計, 形象設計, 標誌設計, 咭片設計, 信封設計, 信紙設計, 印刷等 - 我們提供最適合你的設計。 服務更包括平面設計, 傳單設計, 產品小冊子, 公司書冊, 公司書刊, 印刷品設計, 形象設計, 標誌設計, 咭片設計, 信封設計, 信紙設計, 市場推廣, 印刷等服務。 When it comes to corporate identity Gracphic Creativity is vastly important. Leaving a lasting impression sets you apart from your competitors. Creativity from the very beginninq - from logo and stationery design - helps to break throuqh in the marketinq fields .It is the way to be individuaI and unique and at the same time meet your customers' expectations ,beinq catchy without being odd .This is our credo. We create only hand-made, oriqinal logos, speciaIIy done to reflect your distinctive company image. We are sensitive to your needs, aims and preferences. We'll do the best of your ideas, or - if you don't have any - we'll simply do the best. In the shortest possible time. This is our way. Marketing break-through often makes gaps in your budget, but not this time. In addition to the affordability of our design, we provide really exclusive services: no extra fees are taken for revisions and you can be sure that you are buying the design, which you like, for a fixed price. And this is only one of our advantages! Thinking of breathing new life into your business? Start from revamping its front-end logo and visual identity. We offer creative custom desiqn of logos, stationery and web-sites. Under our carefuI hand these powerfuI marketing tooIs wiII brinq a breath of fresh air into your business and make you stand out amonq the competitors. You are just a cIick away from your future success. Click here to see the sampIes of our artwork, check our prices and hot offers. Graphic Design Services When it comes to corporate identity Creativity is vastly important, our design services include: Corporate Brochure Design Catalogue Design Product leaflet Design Logo Design Product Catalog Design Advertisement Design Print Material Design Identity Design Package Design E-card Design Mass E-mail Design Marketing break-through often makes gaps in your budget, but not this time. In addition to the affordability of our design, we provide really exclusive services: no extra fees are taken for revisions and you can be sure that you are buying the design, which you like, for a fixed price. And this is only one of our advantages! Our services include: Brand Building and Management Market Positioning Consultation Advertising Channel Management Event Organization and Management Mass Mailing Services Gifts and Premiums Sourcing Printing We are the one who care the quality, and provide excellent the most highest technology in Asia Pacific. We use 200 lpi computer to plate for all printing product. Our printing services include: Poster/Leaflet/Flyer/Handout/Newsletter Corporate Brochure/Catalog/Annual Report/Magazine/Book Greeting Card/Invitation Card Packing Box/Gift Box/Paper Bag Name Card/Envelop/Head Letter Banner/PP Label/Foam board/Easy-pull Banner Amadavat Design Company 25/F, Chung Ying Building, 20 Connaught Road West, Central, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 3583 3186 Fax: (852) 3105 8866 email:sales@amadavat-design.com website maintainance 建立網頁, 建立網站, 維護網頁, 維護網站, 管理網頁, 管理網站 設計網頁, 設計印刷品, 設計形象, 設計標誌, 設計咭片, 設計信封, 設計信紙, 設計遊戲, 設計Flash動畫 設計卡片, 設計名片, 設計小冊子, 設計產品目錄, 設計廣告, 設計傳單, 設計宣傳單張, 設計書刊, 設計橫額, 設計海報 website maintanence, maintain website, web design, website design, web site design, webpage design, web page design, graphic design, print design, identity design, homepage design, home page design, website development, setup website businesscard design, brochure design, leaflet design, catalog design, catalogue design, invitation card design, direct mail design, directmail design, dm design, business card design, email design, mass mail design, banner design, promotion, web hosting, email template, game, flash, corporate image, corporate identity, company logo design, design company search engine optimisation, SEO wallpaper, photo, foto, photographer, web photo, product photo, yahoo, google, windows based program, php, asp, jsp, iis, css, html, xml, shtml, cgi, apache, iis, sql, mysql, psd, gif, jpg, tif, macromedia, microsoft, software, online dictionary application, job search system, finance system, domain name, domain transfer, fashion factory system, cd, dvd, hong kong, china, prc, taiwan, japan, calendar
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